Vladimir Putin Stunt Doubles For James Bond

Vladimir Seven. -They where in the area and I looked at them filming this train takeover sequence and told them "this is not how you do it, reload your cameras and I`ll show you", says Vladimir Putin to Prouda.

-These acting people have no experience in the field of espionage. Even the stunt people are a bit phoney. I mean, they got balls, but they are very tiny. Tiny little girlie balls. Like ping pong balls, you squeeze them a little it`s only air inside, not hardboiled macho juice.

-When you hijack a train like this you have to go in with the mind off a killing machine. You can`t think about PG-13. I`ve done the stunts for Craig Daniel in all the Bond movies since Pierce Brosnan left. You might have noticed they are a bit rocky.

-I had time off since leaving office, Eon where rebooting the Bond franchise. I could no longer do my usual stunts for Mother Russia. You know, lets put two and two together.

-I wonder whats gonna happen now when Im back running Russia. I can`t double for Bond anymore. It`s not good for reputation. With all due respect I hope the next instalment doesn`t turn out like a Skyfall, but I`m afraid it might since I`m not in it. Well I am for 2 minutes. So there is hope.

 Photo Edmond Wells

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