The Joker Don`t Get The Logic In The Julian Assange Case

-It was the actor who played me who died, not me. I`m fine.
Well.., maybe not fine, but definitely still here.
Fame rider. -I`m a master in twisted logistics, but this... I don`t get it, says the Joker in an interview with Quiz Magazine quidone in his prison cell.

-I have plenty of time and follow the news very closely, when I can`t be out there and kill people I got to kill something... but the complexity of the story boils down to nothing.

-It`s like their watering out water with sexy lemons. Turning wikileaks into sexyleaks. It doesn`t make sense cause Julian Assange is not sexy. Neither could a computer nerd like him be physically capable of raping two women. It seems more likely he got raped.

-Why can`t the Swedish police question him in the UK? It`s their investigation. Let them do the traveling. Or ask me to interrogate him. I`ll get a confession out of him. Hey! Nobody screws up the good guys like me. Give him to me. Give me something! Don`t let me rotten in hell. I`m so lonely. Give me some company I can kill. If not I`ll die of loneliness.

-Let me represent America, Sweden or whatever, please! It`s all a joke anyway. I`m the right man for this case cause I can screw it up way better. And I mean way better. Way Better!

 Photo Gage Skidmore