Comedian Prepares For Running Into A Mosque And Ridicule Muhammad

-Abrakadabra simsalabim.
Suicide comedian. The comedian thinks he has about 20 second to make fun of the prophet before someone kills him.

-Therefor I`ll blow myself up after 19 seconds. It`s a dark show. Pure black sadistic satire, says Chicago Bull comedian MegaBrave.

Comedy Clubs around the world recruits stand up comedians to stand up for their comedy.

-We look for the unsuccessful onces. The onces who dream about leaving the stage with a bang. This is their opportunity to kill. To destroy the audience, says Al Comedia leader Dell'Arte who have humor cells ready to explode in laughter all over Arabia.

-A good laugh prolongs life, thats our motto. I told you it was dark, says MegaBrave.

 Photo  philcampbell