Raging Bull Is The Top Grossing Movie Throughout History In Libya

The movie hit the ground running from day one of it`s
release. It`s a cult classic who never goes out of fashion.
Robert De Hiro. For once, Libyans ignore that the film is American. -It`s like modern technology, we need that shit so we import that. How else could we fly airplanes and blow up buildings? says Average Ali.

-Martin Scorsese is a genius. He understands our need to cultivate violence. That movie really nails it. I can watch it over and over again. And every time I beat up my wife. She hates that film.

-I know a lot of young men in America who look in the mirror and try to be Robert de Niro from Taxi " You talkin' to me?", in the Middle East we prefer Raging Bull. Any scene where he is angry.

-You westernes always get it wrong. You think we`re angry at you when we take to the streets. It`s a homage to Martin Scorseses!!! He`s a great director. We do this every time he comes out with a new picture.

-Maybe it`s the late distribution, or maybe Americans don`t want to see the truth, but Hugo was a great film. It was fucking fantastic. Where else can we say thank you than the American embassy. It`s not like Hollywood has a strong presence here.

 Photo oxfamnovib