4 Egyptian Diplomats Killed In LA Riots

Boom boom chicka boom boom.
Monkey time. Out of nowhere riots broke loose in Los Angeles and a massive mob destroyed the Egyptian Embassy.

4 diplomats got killed in what seemed like a middle eastern thing in the middle of the city. -I don`t get it, but I like it. I completely understand why they do this monkey sport there. It`s great. I`m high as fuck.

The riots supposedly began when Joe Abraham, a typist in a law firm, decided to stand up for his country. -I have had enough of American diplomats getting killed abroad so I though "why not kill some foreign diplomats at home". I passed out a few twitter messages and said some bogus movie from Libya made fun of Jesus Christ and two hours later down town was a war scene. It`s fucking awesome. 

Lowlife WMA has spoken with said it was a blast. -Suddenly I felt alive. I have no idea what we are fighting for, honestly I don`t care. It`s too much fun. Let`s smash another embassy! 

Biology Professor at UCLA Alfred Smart got his car burned up during the worst part of the rampage. -It only confirms my theory. The 0.05% difference in DNA between humans and monkeys really is 0.05%. 

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