In No Way Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Look Like The Pyramids

Rest in Fame. -That's purely coincidental. Hey, the Egyptians didn't play Rock and Roll, that came 4.600 years later. There weren't even sound back then. Come on! Leave it, says Someone.

-Can't you see it's a hall! Damnit. I'm telling you, it's a hall. It's right there in the name: Hall of Fame! We're honouring our heros, not faraones... Thats soooooooo different!

Photo by David Mark

Art Expert: -This Pitch Is a Fraud

Game on. A football club in trouble tried to sell their pitch on auction at Salisbury.

-It's worthless. Sorry, I can't help them, we don't sell counterfeit, says art dealer Pan Papers.

-To tell the truth, which I never do, not even now or ever, if I where them, I would not try to make money on it and instead let the kids have it.

-Does that make sense at all? It sure as *#$% doesn't to me, but sometimes you got to wing it.

The club remains nameless.

Photo Tom Dehli