Artificial stupidity

Virtual ideality. Japanese scientists has created robots that can screw things up on their own. The TX MegaMoron can watch television, drink beer and sit up all night playing Playstation. -We`re currently working on the downgrade citizen edition. Introducing features like coming late to work, tax cheating and forgetting election days. Stupid Technology promise that in the future their robots will be even worse. -By 2015 they will be able to play poker, catch diseases, ejaculate early, gain weight and cause traffic accidents.

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ANC wants apartheid back in South Africa

Black apartheid. ANC has had enough of being exposed for corruption and has landed on their only logical solution. Kill the exposers. -We have no intention to stop living the white life. Either we get rid of the press or our life ends as we know it.   Black Apartheid or nothing, baby. It`s not room for all of us here.

Hunting journalists in Russia

Dead poets society. Putin has invited the world media to witness his latest pr stunt journalist culling in Russia. The journalist population has grown to big and all the questions is causing problems for the current regime. -We have simply run out of lies. Even though we don`t follow the news ourselves, it`s getting a bit embarracing. Therefor Putin has decided to hunt them down to a more comfortable number. -It`s getting out of hand, it`s enough with us getting out of hand. So the population will be reduced to a minimum number where the race can survive. In case I need them later. Questions anybody? (Nobody had questions for Putin that day). 

Turkish guy: Germans are stupid

It`s genetic. -Why should I bother learn German? I know everything I need to know about Germans. Their stupid. They have to move up to our level. Learn our language, our culture, our way of doing things. Otherwise we`ll newer get anywhere. This is the problems with Germans. They think they know everything...

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Tony Blair: -I got grey hair now

60 is the new 40. -Lissen folks, I`m putting together a new posse and we`re gonna fix the middle east once n for all. If you wanna be a part of my gang, line up and buy my new book. Some of you might say, why should we trust you this time? You shouldn`t. I`m not a trust fund. I`m a guy with big balls who fucks anything that comes in my way. If you wanna get rid of terrorism, follow me. Let`s go.

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Rolling Stone Iran

Stones in his pockets. -I thought I was gonna see the the play by Marie Jones, says the Rolling Stone theatre critic. Then the priests started trowing freeking stones at the women and I went what the fuck have you been eating???!!! From where I come from we get stone, not stoned. These priests don`t need drugs to get high, they need drugs to calm down.

Iran`s declaration of dependence

We`re a bunch of f@*# p@#*. The Iranian decleration of dependence is a statement which announce that Iran is now independent from the earth. It`s controversal quotes "all men are created submissive" and "death, force and the pursuit of tragedy" is nothing compare too "all women are created for men", "just bone her" and "then stone her".

 Photo Hamed Saber