Steve Jobs says it will not rain information from the iCloud

Sepp Blatter new dictator in FIFA


Intimate technology

Berlusconi sent to the international love court for crimes against marriage

US impose aging ban at airports

Acropolis before they teared it down

MacBook Amateur

-Beer helps me focus more clearly on the game

Chinese copnology doesn`t match up for shit

US Army: -We have to do more nuclear testing where bin Laden is buried

US did nuclear testing where bin Laden is buried

Oprah gets her own planet

Obama: -It was when my gray hair popped out I realized I had Irish roots

Men who wear pants while surfing the web spend less time online

Unintelligent design

Fraud Protection Program

Gaddafi is hiding in a Darth Vader costume

-Ich bin laden

Trump on why he bailed out

That guy from Thor is Arnold`s love child

Arnold reveals he`s the father of 437 love childs in the California area

Johnny Depp attacked by real pirates

The rape fixer

Toys "R" Us buys Microsoft

Planking is an old ancient tradition

Avatar dream came true

Cannes fashion festival

CIA runs Jimmy Kimmel through security one last time before the roast of Osama bin Laden

Armani Seals captured the latest fashion trend

President of Pakistan: Why do we have to be neighbors with Afghanistan?

Future archaeologist will think we where all Chinese

Putin admits he secretly wanted to hunt down bin Laden and kill him

Signs up for Libya as a regular soldier

Donald Trump Celebrity President

Stoneused jeans

Who to hate now?

Global sunshine


Women takes to the streets of Arabia: We can scream too!

New survey confirms old surveys are shit

All the President's Hair


Pakistan: Ehh ohh ahh ahh

Produces opinions to the upcoming election

Osama dumped over Titanic

Charlie Sheen: I took leave of absence from myself

Donald Trump talks about his German heritage, the plan to take over the world and how he got those magic lips

The 72 virgins complain about bin Laden

Drives together for individualism