Armani Seals captured the latest fashion trend

Secret Suit. The United States Armani Seals are known for their ability to operate pubs, strip clubs and catwalks, but it is their ability to work under the quilt who separates them from other financial units. 

Armani seals are trained in a wide variety of missions including direct approach, special sex operation, unconventional love, foreign flirt, hostage sandwich, counter-marriage and other missionary positions.

It was under an interrogation in Fashion Bashion 8 years the Central Style Intelligence got a tip on where to find the latest trend. They got the name of a model who was carrying the popular trends. 4 years later they where able to locate the model on a fashion show in Milano. 

After following him up and down the catwalk for 4 years the undercover agents discovered him delivering clothes to a compound outside Paris. National Fashion Agency ran a Magazine check on the address and it turned out it wasn`t subscribing to fashion TV. When they didn`t find any fashion magazines in the trash outside the compound they got very suspicious and got the feeling someone big within the fashion organization was living here. A stylist or maybe the designer.

In a top secret catwalk operation 24 Armani Seals stormed the compound and took the trend hostage. Unfortunately the designer died in the suit-out, but they got all his drawings...   

Photo Dplanet::