MacBook Amateur

Book of moron. -It`s for the idiots who end up using the pro editions anyway. Our engineers got fed up with creating great machines for these jerks. So they sat down and went "to hell with it, lets create a peace of shit", says head of development at Apple.

-It turned out to be really complicated. Their so used to making great stuff they completely forgot how to f@#k shit up. We ended up headhunting employees from Microsoft to speed things up. I think it`s the longest development process we have ever had here. When they finally finished the prototype everybody got really disappointed. The stupid machine worked.

-No matter how hard we threw it into the wall it would not stop working. It was like "Oh my God, we got a new bestseller, not again, please lord...".

-I don`t know what we`re going to do now. Hire a bunch of retards? Apply a Hitler code of work ethics?  Nothing works. Not even naming one Air helped. "Hey, it`s just air, it`s nothing inside you wont find in an airhead. Why the hell do you need a computer made of air when you got cloud computing for free?!" I give up.

Photo Serigne Diagne