"The Mongo President" Resonate With People

-Makes sense. It sums up all his ideas in one word. Amazing. Yeah, thats a good nickname, says Average Joe. -Finally a good nickname on Trump. Why hasn't anyone come up with that before. It's so obvious. He is Mongo from Blazing Saddles. 

Mongo Trump Address The United Nations Very Mongo

As expected, the speech was extremely mongo. The similarities between the Mongo President and Mongo are astonishing. Both in thinking and appearance. The speech could just as much been delivered by Mongo. Word for word. Mongo could also read, to some extend...

Mongo & Rocketman In Epic Rap Battle

Death Records release the ultimate verbal showdown on vinyl. The two powerful men go mouth to mouth in a public dispute over who's the boss. The music is created from news bites and sound mixed by DJ Nasty. 15% of the revenue will go to a foundation set up to blow up North Korea.

Illustration Trofire

The Allies OK With North Korea Bombing America

-We don't mind if North Korea and America disappear from the face of earth, not under the current leaderships, says Nato. In fact, we encourage it. Right now the best way to get rid of both is a nuclear inferno.

Photo HypnoArt


"You better not be Jews", yells Trump triumphant before kicking his desk. "Oh, that hurt, somebody get me a nurse!.. and throw that desk away". "But sir,..." "I don't care if its the Presidential desk, GET ME ANOTHER ONE!!!". 

What Is The Shithead Up To Now?

The cookie monster from North Korea sends another message to the world. A hydrogen bomb?! Really, hydrogen... whats next, a sweet bomb? a bad breath bomb? a nuclear fast-food bomb?

What about a retarded promotional bomb or an irreversible self-anniation bomb? Or what about a Kim Jong Dumb bomb?

Or a big black Zebra and world domination.

You know what, he's on to something.

That will not work.

Very soon.