Japan Cracks Down On Dancing While Allowing Prostitution

Freedom of movement. Japan has shaken the dust of an old law who forbids dancing. In the old empire it was seen as dangerous because it could lead to sexual behaviour. Has it ever occurred the law enforcement to ask themselves if prostitution does the same?

As hosts of the Olympics in 2020, Japan might reconsider the Al Qaida message their currently sending to the world. If not, there is hope. The Hiroshima Badass Band Gangbang Japan is not afraid to challenge the authorities. This weekend and every weekend to come for as long as it takes, they will arrange their all time hit club concept MonsterSex. 

-We're broadcasting it live on youtube. If the police wants to storm it their welcome to make asses of themselves to the international community. And for those who like to come, the dress code is condoms and shoes.

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Alberto In The Favela: -Brazil Should Have Spent $86 Million On Me

Nutcase. -I got two balls. I don't need to run around for another one. The least kick it back into the sack. My balls doesn't fall out.

-I understand that if you only have one you want to win to get the other, but I already got two. It's 2-0 before I enter the stadium. Hey! I'd pay $86 million to se an old dude score double goals with his balls.

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Apple First Company To Get a Star At Hollywood Walk of Fame

Starstruck. Getting a star at 38 is early, at that age it's mostly reserved car crashers. So it's more a reflection of how huge they really are.

Apple has ruled the world for more than a decade now and it's still exploding. There will probably be several stars later on to reflect their standing among the stars.

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25 Years Since The Chinese Authorities Killed A Whole Bunch Of People

-I've lost my shoe. I think it's under the tank. Can you move aside, please.
So I can have a look.
Cinderella Square. -They died for nothing, says Chinese Historian Yum Yum. No other country has dumped so many into poverty and left them there 50 years before feeding some of them.

-In 1949, 4 years after the Second World War, Communism seemed like the better alternative. We saw what democracy led to.

-Then we somehow managed to kill 30 million people without a war. By the 80s it was like Jesus Christ. Thankfully democracies helped us recover by exploiting our work force.

XXX-Men Nights of Future Fun Didn't Slip Though The PG-13 Rating

X-Men Orgies. The 4 hour long porn opus was cut down to 4 seconds by the censors who admittedly enjoyed it, but hey, kids are watching.

-Not that they can't access the same online, but we can't put it on the big screen. After all, we still have some double standards. Make it violent and we'll let it pass, states the Motion Picture Assholes of America.

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