Stuffed a turkey down O'Reilly's throat to shut him up.

Guest fell asleep at the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Greece to turn into a black hole and swallow all of Europe.

Captain Corporate

Christian Bale caught stealing stuff on the set of the new Batman movie


Fans in shock after Lady Gaga took a dumb

WMA talked with Harper Publishing House about the book release of Breiviks 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence.

Incarnation of evil

Amy Winehouse took a trip to the other side

Norway has killed the terrorist about 2000 times

Norway to reissue death penality and seriously kill this motherfucker

Norway is still standing

China caught trying to eat Japan

Murdoch in an open interview with WMA: "I should have been a dictator first. Working my way up from nothing... what was I thinking?".

Bomb flakes