South African U Turn sign

Not touching that subject. Out of fear from being labelled a racist blogg, world mess association has decided to not comment this photograph.         

Photo by hmvh, flickr, Creative Commons

Bullshit Petroleum

Oil Digger. BP used to look good pumping oil out of America and selling it back to them at a higher price. But even corporations are subject to old age...

Photo:  Mike Crowe Creative Commons Licence

LOST in Israel

GONE. The tv series Lost is turned into a movie. It will be shoot in the international waters outside Israel. The movie follows the lives of a group of peace activist survivors in a mysterious Israel prison.

Image by Le Monde


Trailertrash. In the sequel to the first Sex and the City movie MILF, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte og Miranda move to Florida to explore single life as elderly people. Mr Big returns, slighly bigger. This film has more fashion, glamour and wrinkles than any other Hollywood movie. At times the story moves slowly, but still much better than most porn.

Photo by IKEA Boy