Norwegian Police Shuts Down Nightclubs for playing HipHop and R&B

Taste cops. What sounds like some shit the Nazi's could have done, is really taking place in Europe right now. While Germany forbid profiling years ago, knowing where that ends... Norway goes at it again.

They believe the music attracts wrongdoers. Like individuality is a thing of the past and young partygoers never caused trouble before hiphop entered the scene.

So if the kids can't go out and have fun, what are they going to do? Sit home and become terrorists? Lets guess how long it takes before the whole world ridicules Norway, again. 1 day..? 2 days..? WMA is waiting in awe!

Photo Blå

Car Accident Was Act Of Terror

Everything is Terror. -It's all terror, says the Transport Minister in Chile. -It's such a shame. My cousin was such a great stuntman and thrill seeker, there's nothing he wouldn't do to loose his mind.

-When acts of terror take people away from us, we must not give in, we must not change our ways by giving in to fear, then they win.

-We must not make better roads, we must prevail with our ignorance. Thats what terrorists are for and not only do they want the blame, they deserve the blame.

-Critics claim some people are plain nutcases and should not have access to certain things like vehicles or assault rifles, but I say: don't listen to them. Look at all the awful things the terrorist do. What difference does a little extra do? We don't know half the shit they do. So keep calm and carry on!

Photo Ralph Klein

Erdoğan is a Big Turkey

Gobble gobble. Following the President of Turkey's request to prosecute a German comedian Jan Böhmermann for making fun of him, Comics United has issued the following statement to all news agents, embassies and outdoor toilets:

Erdoğan is a wild Turkey who needs to be tamed and we encourage all walks of life to ridicule him, cause he is the Turkey President of the world!