War on democracy

The Mexican and Italian mob merge to face the Triad


9 out of 10 choose safety and dictatorship


Kids today are too healthy. They should do more booze, gain weight and stop caring so much for crying out loud!

Underwater Hotel

Leaders of mass destruction

In 200 years we`ll eat Hitler cake

Tour de China

We still know how to party

EU asks Turkey to move to Asia

Brazil is building an underground airport

Shanghai: the big Pumpkin

The West Bank: Favorite holiday destinations for Hollywood stuntmen

She made the social networking service just to get the guys

Invited to Silvio Berlusconi`s animal party

The pyramids where storage centers for ancient iClouds

Cloud banking

Hiker got airplane in the head

Earthquake proof beds now standard in Tokyo hotels

NASA threw away their technology and bought Mac instead

Prince William fights crime at night

New Stealth Stroller

Engine break down


Action pizza

Oprah left a black hole in afternoon television

Follow that phone!

Alice in Dangerland

Fox seek news extras