Capitalism vs Communism

The advantage with capitalism compared to communism is that the unemployed can choose between poverty and homelessness, whereas communism didn`t allow that freedom.

World`s Most Deadly Book

Karl Marx`s The Communist Manifesto from 1848 is the world's most deadly book. 100 million people died in the human adaption and still counting in the Russian and Chinese translations.

Mental Images

Putin is the hottest enemy brand in western media today, closely followed by crazy Muslims and big scary China. Putin is invaluable to us says editor in fear in The End Of The World, nothing sells news like him. Not even Berlusconi has a chance next to Russias Primeminister, he actually frightens people. Putin has been our best investment since Saddam, and he was just a joke in comparison.

BBC Innerseas

Residents in Greater London prefers BBC Africa and BBC Asia for news updates. They don`t see the point watching the British edition since they don`t speak the local language. Besides, what does those news got to do with them anyway.

Celebrity Shopper

Celebrity Shopper is a new reality show where an arrogant pompous ass of a celebrity see how far they can push the shop assistants before they fucking loose it. All of the approached celebrities who has a reputation of acting like an ass in real life said no to guest star, ironically all the well behaved onces said yes. For this reason the production company had to cut down from 24 to 6 episodes due to lack of talent.