Male bodybuilder confess he feels like a woman

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Pimp my dissability

Israeli kids ridicule their heritage with laughter gas

State of Health Address

Pro home entertainment

Obama up for 20 Grammy nominations!

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Drug store expand with illegal substances

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The genius among geniuses doubt his own skills

North Korea sends foreign aid to itself

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40.000 people got eaten by journalists last year

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Men in black had originally an all black cast

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It`s ok to pie at your enemy

Ex miss hate button on facebook

Curtis Mayhem released his most annoying record to date

Extra! Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire Idol

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Nerd occupy entire city's internet access

Every Chinese is yellow, but some are more yellow than others

Watch the throne Elisabeth, technically I`m king now

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Jesus is the brain behind McDonalds

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The Yellow House in China

Mr Putin looks more and more like Mr. Potato Head

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North Korean teenagers can`t stop laughing when imagining what Kim Jong-un looks like if he took of his pants