After reporting the weather for 30 years he had enough

Traffic jams in kids playrooms


Bottom ten lists

North Korea number one holiday choice for ex-presidents

Disapproval ratings

No-one in Hollywood lives the Hollywood life

Victory at last

Beer party movement

Countdown to power

Not for him magazine

Anorexia plague in Africa

Sentenced to death in the electric car

Irans most wanted woman

Worlds most wanted woman


Public mirror

Caveman has no problems catching up with our technology

The Latino dream

Retro Bush

Atomic suicide bomber

Ramadan is a gift basket to the troops in Afghanistan


Twin mosques


Opinion soldier

Less freedom, no democracy

Al Qaeda PR machine

Downloading uran in Iran

Jesus returns


Mad women

Smokin` China

Fuck killing

Why the ass up?

The Michelin Man goes on diet

Visit North Korea

-I just want your attention


Wants to be front woman in Fugees


The rivers of Pakistan

China buys the world

-They didn`t invite me to the wedding

They are still married!

Finance acrobatics

Should be stoned for killing raped women