The new hot bachelor in North Korea

Celebrates New Year's Eve in Las Vegas for the 365th time in a row

Expert think Viktor Yanukovych`s poisoning was a dirty trick

Tymoshenko is giving Ukraines president a good beating from prison

Buried the bastard in an old Lincoln

US take a 2 year time out from international politics

Albert Nobbs, a woman trapped in Conan O`Brians body

After two rounds Mario found out he was gay

US sends pedophile to meet Kim Jong-un

Poor Chinese guy enjoys coming from the worlds next superpower

Became a billionaire on selfwrapping paper

Sales of sunglasses down 100% in Lahore

WMA wishes every nonread a poor Xmas

Women soccer became the world most popular sport overnight

Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde was never about poetry

Sister in shock after finding out there is millions with the same pin code

North Korea going south

North Korean wish his new leader die of AIDS

Kiwi scientists try to sink Australia

Credit card holder tried to kill his pin code

Got 2.4 million euro i parking tickets

2 billions caught in download case

Falkland Islands attack Great Britan

Who the fuck is Egypt?

Kim Jong-dumb

Shaking news: Earthquake!

Newt Gingrich to star in the animated remake of The Gingerbread Man

Iran, Russia & China in talks to start fuck things up

Terrorist attack: somebody wants attention

Didn`t have enough bullets to kill the 100.000 demonstrants

China`s Paramount Leader in talks to take over Paramount Pictures

Hu Jintao`s wax doll at Madame Tussauds looks more real than him

Benetton ad removed after viewer throwing up

Indian chef use spice to hide bad ingredients

News anchor pissed in his pants on live tv

Prostitute agrees to pity shag election loser

French rape agents revealed in Rio de Janeiro

Art gallery consider to get rid of Putin portrait

The cost of saving the Euro is like tips compared to WW2

Did you seriously think they where not going to take a look?

Pedophile State University seek heterosexual football coach