Pope Travels To The Moon!!!

-I am deeply concerned about whats happening on our planet and I'm going to heaven to seek advice from God, says the Pope.

-God received my preyers from the Vatican last week and agreed to meet me on the dark side of the moon. The meeting is scheduled to last 15 minutes.

God doesn't want to ruin people's faith. So the meeting will not be televised. -Belief is of absolute importance, without that, there is no hope. Without hope, humanity is doomed. Therefore God will not reveal herself.

Photo Comfreak

Amazon To Open It's First Production Plant In The Amazon

The internet giant is coming home! Indigenous people celebrate by throwing spears and firing arrows at the building site.

-Their so full of energy, says a representative from the Corruption Party, who is always in power in Brazil. We might have to put the down.

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