China hit back. You are not the 99%. We are 1 billion for F#&% sake

New Survey most used thought in English Language We`ll do it later

Hollywood had it with piracy ends film production

Scientist with solution to world energy problem gone missing

The I don`t want to be president campaign

Soap opera star watch greek news for entertainment

WeightWatchers worry about Apple products

Al Pacino on why he use mad dictator hair color

Surfer don`t know when to turn off the computer

Australia first country to kill smokers

Putin offers Ratner the Russian Oscars: Come and make fun of gays

The Academy hires Charle Sheen to produce the Oscars

Exit Berlusconi. Italy - we will not miss him

President candidate pre-admits sexual assault. -It`s coming anyway

Famous woman: -I`m a celebrity celebrity, not a celebrity something...

The Space Needle was built to puncture the sky

Economy is not the only organism who can grow to the sky

Hollywood Walk of Fame surpassed the Great Wall of China

-I`m a celebrity, I got to write a book!

Flooding do not cause sea level rise

Chinese diplomats push for dictatorship in USA

Archaeologist found job on digging site

Guy in 3rd world country doesn`t understand the low carb hysteria

Eddie Murphy to star in Beverly Hills Host

Freddy Krueger envy kids who get candy when showing their face