She's Dead

You all know who, and you are all probably tired of all the profesional and social media coverage, so unless it turns out Queen Elisabeth had slaves, we're gonna shut it.

Gorb Hit The Bucket, If Only It Was Putin...

The world will miss Mikhail Gorbatsjov, unlike  Putin. In fact, we all publicly, as in out loud, vocally, expressed our hope it was Putin who had died when the news of a leader in Moscow had passed. If only... 

If there is any reconciliation, his day wil come too, there is no escape... for anyone.

Trumpty Dumty Makes America Awful Again

Sucker for looser, the former President aims at destroying America if he does't win the next election. 
As the Feds found the nuke papers at his holiday home in Florida, he better run fast, if he's gets to run at all.

There's something offputting about blown up ego's thats trying to steal neclear weapons in envy.

If Every Human Gave Ukraine $10, It's Enough To Throw Out Russia

Joking aside:

A quick search online will show you how to help Ukraine. It's up to you who wins this war. You and me. Us. Not Putin. He doesn't have a say in this. 

We decide who wins the war. We decide who gets to tap into the world reserves of resources. Once their flodding in, there's no army in the world who can stop it. 

Certainly not the fifth biggest. There are armies that can take them out alone, 4, to be precise, so donate $10 and let the Russians feel how tiny they are.

Right now we all pay too much for everything because the Russian invasion causes so many global problems that the prices go up.

The best way to stop that is to stop Russia. So your $10 investment in Ukraine will pay back later with world order and regular price again. 

Give Ukraine $10 today. Save hundreds next year. If enough people do this, it will work, if we all do it, it will definitely work. 

Nobody can stand up to the world, certainly not a fucked up megalomaniac like Putin. He's an easy match if we decide to take him down. 

There's every reason in the world to do it, so lets all get behind Ukraine, donate the $10 and let them kick that motherfucker in the face and throw out his fucking army.


This has been a message supported by common sense.

World Food Crisis Can Be Solved By Eating Putin

An attempt to re-introduce cannibalism to solve the world food crisis caused by the Russians is already on its way. 

A group of cannibals hiding deep in an unknown jungle in Asia has been brought out to infiltrate the Kremlin and eat Putin. 

To blend in they are currently trained to act like Russian soldiers in a low iq faciliy for severly deranged people and the mission is expected to take place before any world organisation gets to have a say if this is a good idea or not. 

The mission is initiated and fully payed for by the African governments who are the most hurt by the Russian blockade of the Ukranian export wheat.

-We believe in the use of soft power and I'm sure Putin will be nice and tender when our cannibals set their teeth in him, says the spokesperson for the operation, Osaka Mojokaka.

Russia Aims To Continue To Be A Shit Country

WMA has made the decition it's no need to dive further into the pool of shit. A shit is a shit. Additional explaination is excessive.

There Isn't A Plastic Surgeon In The World Who Can Save Putins Face Now

 -He could try a total reface, there are clinics in Central America who proced such operations, but he has to arrive there alive. The surgeons can't fix a dead body. Not in the shape he'll be in, says European Army Scientics, Adaku Musa, from Nigeria, at The African Union War House in Addis Abada in Ethiopia.

-Getting to Central America in one piece, forget it. Not now. If he come with a plane, they will shoot him down. Somebody. Anybody. Doesn't matter at this point. He's toast. He's not making it outside Russia alive and it's only a matter of time how long he can survive inside. 

-Besides, I don't think they operate war criminals, criminals for sure, but not war criminals, it's bad for business, who wants to be associated with that?! Or Europeans? Their a mess!