The World Catched Up With Michael At Last

The musical genious Michael Jackson left a planet more weird than himself. Somewhere along the way, earth just got more wacko than Jacko.

No Support No Atom Bombs

Irans leadership got nothing going for them, unless they choose to walk.

Iran Iran

The British pop group Iran Iran set Tehran on fire when they started their World Election Tour. Their popular songs freedom now and fuck the Ayatollah has fans singing in the streets and the Police has been called in to stop the liberating thoughts.

Joke Election

The religious election in Iran went straight to hell when the looser won. What`s the point of calling it an election when God already made his choice?

Airplane Safety

Whatever happens you`ll always make it down.

Working Under Pressure

I don`t work best under pressure, I only work under pressure.

Cleaning My Flat

I usually mess up my place before my relatives comes to visit, then I don`t have to worry about another visit in a long time.