Darth Vader Apologize For Not Causing More Pain

Stormtrooper Comes Forward: Darth Vader Groped Me

Darth Vader Accused Of Sexual Assault

Santa Drops The Sleigh, Blames Warmer Climate

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Russia Stuck With 60 Million Doping Doses Outside PyeongChang

14 Women Who Came Forward With Sexual Harassment In China Died

Mugabe Remember The Good Times

Mugabe Steps Down After Consulting With Aliens

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Al Franken Is Innocent

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High Security Prison Prevented Post Apocalyptic Nightmare

Charles Manson Leaves The Planet

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Mongo Trumps Address The United Nations Very Mongo

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Monstermorons Rule The World, Beyonce


What Is The Shithead Up To Now?

North Korean Tribute Band Mysteriously Disappeared in Bangkok

Comey Admit He Was To Hard On Trump

ISIS Claim Parking Violation

This Is What Awaits the London Terrorists: a Hole in the Ground

London Police Best Fucking Cops in the World

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Lego Man: Only Plastic Can Save The Oceans

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Sean Spicer: "Hmmmmm mmmmm mmm mmmmmmm m mmm"

-I Will Take Care of Trump