Environmentalist Worry More About Her Fartprint


-Cows and sheep both fart and burp toxic fumes into the atmosphere. What if I do the same? We just don't know it yet? says Isabelle, who is deeply concerned about the wellbeing of our planet. So much she's using a buttplug - just in case.

-Better safe than sorry. I got a big butt...

-Think of all the women who flock to the fitness centres to get bigger butts. They might damage the eco system. This could be the end. We need to implement climate quotas.

-We have to think about how much a person can fart and if they should be able to trade H2S quotas with other people?

-This could be a welcome extra income to smalltime farters and it gives an opportunity for people who fart too much to stay instead of getting thrown out of the country.

Photo Pexels