The Worlds First Karaoke Suicide Bar for Terrorists Opens In France

-It's a great concept, potential terrorists can come and blow themselves up in safe party bunker provided by the French Army, says owner Gene Badham about his new club The Big Bang.

-They don't have to worry about accidentally killing friends or family. They will only kill friends and family. They don't need to worry about getting a taxi home. Their not going home. It's a no exit club. They never leave. If they chicken out, we blow them up. Simple as that.

-Every entrance in guaranteed their 0.00015 seconds of explosive media fame. If you have weird thought about your importance in the world and think you can change it by becoming a real life death star.  This is the place.

-It's a win situation. It's even better than a win/win situation. It's win, then nothing, not even win, it's just win.

Photo Pexels