Why the hell did I sign up for this?

Impersonal trainer

WikiLeaks Enquirer

After I stopped drinking coffee...

Revealed Victoria's Secret

-I`m the best

-It's his fault

The fat f@#k on the left

Fart plug 2000

Cash - still a great idea

Self-growing dishes

Internet porn vacation

iPad Nano - hardcover delivered online

-I´ve seen it all

Fool language

Personal transport

-I like violence

Chemistry students get free entrance at rave parites

Tired of saying hi to customers

-I forgot my kids in Belgium

People are still bad

Pot house

Fast training

British government puts computer chips in potato chips

I lost it all

Man's best friend

Entertainment centre for sale

Wants Cannabis for X-Mas

Sagging diapers

Capsule coffee popular among army vets

According to EU, there is minus 30 million people in Poland

-It felt like I had seen it 12 times, then I realized I hadn`t seen it at all