Forbidden Windows

Windows 7 is available in Chinese resteal stores for 0 dollars.

Out Of Body Reply


Thank you for your email. I was smoking some serious hash this weekend so I won`t be back at the corner until Wednesday.

In desperate matters, please contact smileyboy (

Johnny Stoner
Chief Sales Manager
Cannabis Connection


Pre-Mistake is a space surveillance system controlling the surveillance systems on earth. Their mission is to seek out trigger happy troubblemakers and take action before they make mistakes. Pre-Mistake has had a lot to do after 9/11. Newer in the world would they think the power that be would screw up more than the people they lead.

ADHD Ready

ADHD ready concerns the abilities of television receivers to display hyper-activity pictures.

European American

Most European Americans are the direct descendants of starving Europeans.

In Europe the term Euro-Americans are referred to Europeans who watch a lot of US tv-series and adapt the characters behavior. On the other hand American Europeans, or McEuros, mean oversized tourist from the States acting like they own the place.

Monopoly Cayman Island

The new tax paradise board game is a huge hit on Wall Steet. The value is skyrocketing on stock exchanges world wide except in the Middle East, where RISK is most popular.


The traveling bomb company Bang Brothers with their explosive makers, iBombers, 72 female and millions of male virgins, brains washers, women beaters and cave men are coming to Europe on their world dynamite tour. First stop is London. The Circusmuslims are praying for big crowds when they enter the scene. The act is mindblowing and promotes zero tollerance. Fundamentalistic Muslims groups claims the responsobility for the arrangements and promise they will go on stage with a big bang.

The Lost Silence

The Noise Book Publishing House releases the noise book the lost silence these days. The story takes place in Stereo City and as the tittle suggests it`s about the the lost silence. The book plays over 74 minutes, the same lengths as a cd. It`s a tale with a lot of noise and disturbing sounds. Perfect for anyone wanting a headache.