Symbol of slavery

U.S. Department of State buys 100 million mole removers

Blocked in China

Natural gas

Unfair trade

Young Obama in voice change

The founding mothers

World Economic Fortress

Chocolate crime fighter

No play for you

Nigga jumping up and down

Trouble in Legoland

App More

It`s totally normal to get lost in your own house

Golden roast

Music Video Grand Prix

Surrogate father

Wikipedia - world greatest fourth grader

This video is blocked in your country cause you are an illegal internet alien

Played the race card

A personal appeal from World Mess Association founder Tom Dehli

Diarrhea popular among backpackers

Selfness, not fitness

I got a mac, look how cool I am

Down under went under

Keeping it fake

Fuckr - share your virus and watch the world go under

Read the Wikileaks book before it`s written

I have a dream Bronx edition

Flat screen caught by the wind

If I knew there was so much $$$ in not singing, I would`ve shut it

Mac Google

Vertical farm

Broke my New Year`s resolution after only 3 days