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Vertical farm

Chicken out. No, it`s not an idea from a cannabis smoker, even though I take it for granted they also have though of it and laughed at it. It`s a serious suggestion on how to solve the future world food shortage. Soon we will be 9 billion people and need more farmland than earth can provide. WMA is much more in favor of horizontal conflict as means of solution. The good old winner takes all has worked before and will work again. We don`t see any reasons why we should avoid this mess when it`s coming to us without us even starting it. We had to create WWII all by ourselves? Earth did nothing. Poverty. Same. Famine, terrorism... all man made. But this one is on the house. The planet is buying. It`s free. We don`t have to do anything. But we cant even do that... This is a low point in human history.

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Bodybuilder Ate World Food Reserve

Ups. -I didn't intend to, but I'm preparing for the Olympia and first things first, says the man who ate it all.

How do you justify your enormous appetite to the poor people who starves? -When I win I'll thank them for sacrificing themselves.

-But it's hard for me to think of anything else than myself, says the man who is responsible for the global food shortage. I'll probably be more up for a snack.


Melania Takes Out Divorce, Sick Of Trump

Melania Trump is reportedly sick of her husbands behaviour and has filed for divorce. Trump tried to talk her into continuing as a second lady, but negotiations fell through. She wants half.

According to White House rumours, Trump offered her Canada instead and threw in Mexico to shut her up, but Melania turns out to be a better dealmaker than her husband.

She can literary travel back to Eastern Europe with Eastern USA in her suitcase. That's a First Lady!

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ISIS Warrior Has To Go Back To Being A Looser

He was promised a leadership job in the Islamic state with competitive salary. He was looking forward to finally earning millions of dollars.

He only made a few lousy bucks washing floors in a hopping centre that was about to be closed, but he could continue the American dream in the caliphate and work his way up, until it collapsed and made him a no paid prison toilet cleaner.

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