Santa's On Steroids

The Virgin Galactic Explosion Looked Like Popcorn in the Sky

Binge-Watch For A Good Cause

Halloween Came Early to the Canadian Parliament

Key Members of IOC Taken Out By Special Forces

The Writer behind Women in Space & Women in Combat is Out with the New Book: Women in Fast Food Restaurants

Kim Jong-Un Found In All You Can Eat Restaurant

Michael Jackson Fans, Get Ready For Thriller Ebola Edition

When Asked What Fragrance He Use, Elon Musk Says Electricity

17 and Queen of the World

Teenager Won The Nobel Peace Prize, What's Next, Children?

Ebola: -"Here I Come!"

If Nobody Apply For The Olympics, IOC Has To Beg Cities To Host It

United Kingdom To Elect If They Want To Keep Scotland

The ISIS Executioner Used Niqab Since He Was A Little Boy

North Korea Aim Nukes At Moscow

Isis In Talks With Ben & Jerry About Their Own Ice Cream Flavour

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6 Year Olds Not Afraid of Messing With Putin

iPhone 6 With Taser App

-Ice Bucket Challenge? NO THANKS!

George W. Bush Presidential Library No 1 Destination For Party Animals

Caught Cheating On His Wife On Google Street View

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Putin Marks Territory In Eastern Ukraine

Luxembourg Seek Peace Treaty with Russia

-I Get A Lot Of Pussy

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What Where They Thinking?

Old Study Shows Scientists Tried To Solve Problem

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Putin's Bucket List

It's Not Jews and Palestinians who's Fighting - It's Humans

Planes: Fire & Rescue Straight To Netflix in Eastern Ukraine


Rap Community Not Cool With Ex-Terrorists

-"The Food Sucks", says Londoner About Life as a Terrorist

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Japan Cracks Down On Dancing While Allowing Prostitution

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Apple First Company To Get a Star At Hollywood Walk of Fame

25 Years Since The Chinese Authorities Killed A Whole Bunch Of People

XXX-Men Nights of Future Fun Didn't Slip Though The PG-13 Rating

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