It's Not Jews and Palestinians who's Fighting - It's Humans

Labelmakers. Humans are the only species on earth dumb enough to believe humans can be anything else than humans. Too the excitant that they kill them. Every other creature on earth is pretty damn sure who they deal with when their among their own.

Not to say they don't kill each other. They just do it for other reason. Survival. Humans on the other hand, is so obsessed with their self image they forget who they are. They have enough food, but the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is looking in the mirror.

And humans doesn't only define themselves, they define each other too. For whatever reason, they devaluate an image every now and then. If you happen to have that label, your in deep shit. Everybody is out to kill you.

There's no logic to it. Suddenly a colour comes out of fashion. An origin or heritage becomes unpopular. An age, a gender, a condition... you name it. Mostly anything under the sun is up for grabs.

To distract attention from this horrible caste system humans tell themselves you don't choose your parents when you born into this world. Truth is, you don't choose your labels.