Arabs Ignore How Scandinavia Became A Peace Loving Continent

Jesus... Go back in time and Scandinavia was as violent as the Middle East today. The Vikings was the terrorists of the days. Feared by everyone. How did they go from Vikings to Volvo? Christianity...

-That is one word Muslims don't want to hear. Especially as a solution to their problems, says Imam Allah.

-I know Christianity brought the idea of forgiveness to the world and that made it possible for the Vikings to live with each other.

-But it was introduced by the most violent and feared Viking of them all, Olaf II of Norway. In 1030 he took on the whole Nation in the Battle of Stiklestad. He lost, but won the fight.

-You have to be a total meathead to do this in the Middle East today. ISIS and Al Qaeda aren't crazy enough. They don't have the balls to go against their own. The least take on the entire muslim world in one great battle for Christianity.

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