Sport Actors Guild Appalled By Bad Diving. -You Can Do Worse Than That!

Fake it till you make it. Carlos Eccentricos, two time Academy Award winner for best male diving, speaks up against the poor acting skills among male football player.

-This World Cup has been revealing. There's a lot of bad acting going on. I teach a masterclass in diving at the FIFA Institute of Performing Sports. The players in the World Cup are as bad as the first year students. 

-To be a great diver it's important to understand the game, yourself and the people around you. Women are genetically better at this than men who never understand how shitty it looks when they do it. I call the area outside the goal ladies room. -It all about using your emotions, sensitivities and manipulative skills. It's not lying, it's just suggesting... you suggest you where taken down. Nothing wrong in that. 

-It's mens macho image who ruins it for them. When they fake an injury they do it like they've been overrun by a tank. It's so not believable. To be a great diver you have to open up, let go and be a pussy. Thats why transvestites make the best players. They enter the goal area like they've had a sex operation. 

Photo FIFA