Monocle, not another watch ad, please

Arnold sums up his 7 years in office

It`s not a talkshow, it`s a dateshow

The Russian dream

Living on a dollar a minute

Superman saved Xmas

Santa taken in speed controll

Santa photograped outside New Zealand

Not Hitler quite yet

All roads leads to me

iPad: Wow! Flat news!

Running men

Can`t find anything

Position creates person

Youtube is revealing

Have to stay 500 meters away from himself

Constant access

Justin Bieber called security for help to throw out the tv from his hotel room window

Misses the cold war

Half the population in Norway don`t believe in global warming anymore and their`re the onces who gave Al Gore the Nobel Price

Security was so tight only 3 got in to the studentparty

Fear of the teenage mutant ninja muslim

Made outside China

Drank to handle drinking pressure

Julian Assange: -What are they gonna do, impeach me?

Educated to death

Skullbook nation

Advertises for ammunition in sports arrangement

Downgrading my laptop is the smarterst move I ever made

First time with stick shift

Santa is gearing up for X-Mas

Why the hell did I sign up for this?

Impersonal trainer

WikiLeaks Enquirer

After I stopped drinking coffee...

Revealed Victoria's Secret

-I`m the best

-It's his fault

The fat f@#k on the left

Fart plug 2000

Cash - still a great idea

Self-growing dishes

Internet porn vacation

iPad Nano - hardcover delivered online

-I´ve seen it all

Fool language