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Educated to death

Human sculpting. -I lost my normal eyesight from reading all the f@#king books. Now I can`t even drive my car without smashing into something. It`s not fair. I didn`t even care about those tittles. They where all boring and had nothing in them that spoke to me. Seriously, do you expect me to care about Shakespeare - ever?! I prefer Mad Men any day.

-Why did I have to learn math? I haven`t used it yet. When do you need math?! I`ve lived for 30 years and I´ve never been in a situation where I had to find out how long it takes X to get from A to B if C is f@#ked.

-I got a sore ass syndrome. My butt where never designed to sit on a wooden stool for 8 hours a day for 18 f@#king years. It`s a walking muscle for christ sake. It`s the biggest muscle in our body and we sit on it?!

-I nearly died during last exams. I was so bored my brain shut down. I had spent the last three weeks reading around the clock with no interest or sleep. My head bashed into the desk. The exam guard thought I was drunk so he let me lie there with a broken neck. 6 hours later they rushed me to the emergency hospital. Finally some action! I insisted on driving the ambulance, but they wouldn`t let me. I said it`s my f@#king neck. If you don`t like it, get out. They refused to co-operate so I threw them out. From what I saw in the rear mirror they would most likely need an ambulance themselves. Then they can drive that one. This one`s mine.

-I`ve never felt more alive than when I crashparked into the emergency room at the hospital. F@#king ey! That`s when I realized I got to get out of uni and see the real world. I`ve wasted my entire life sitting behind a desk listening to some jerk who didn`t give a shit about what he teached or smelled like.

-I never went back to class. Instead I opened a rehabilitation centre where I offer dropout programs for students who want to get back into society and live like a normal human being.

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