Monocle, not another watch ad, please

Time out. -I can`t take it anymore. I`m allergic to time. When my brain sees tructure, order and dicipline it jams. I get a terrible headache. The only thing taking the pain away is messing shit up, start a fight, lying upside down at the couch or ripping out a few pages in my appointment book. 

-Why do I want to keep track of every second of my life? Cause I`m afraid of loosing one? Cause I filled the previous onces with so great content that their worth counting? Or that I am just afraid of running out of time?

-Well, I never seem to have time to do the selfless things in life. So I guess it`s my time we`re talking about here, not national time or family time, but iTime so... what do I care what time it is.

Photo A Continuous Lean