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Not Hitler quite yet

Buffer nation. -Yes, I cheated, I`ve cheated all my life. On my wife, on my voters, on my f*#king everything. Cheating is how I got where I am, cheating is what made me who I am. I like to thank you all for allowing me to cheat on you. For loosing belief in any form of improvement and with Russia as my witness, there will be none as long as I`m alive. I`ll stay here as a blocking symbol for a better tomorrow.

-I get paid shit loads of cash for doing this, tons of pussy and whatever the hell I point at. If any of you think you can challenge me, I`ll punch you in the face and after that the White KGB will take care of you while you`re asleep.

-Tomorrow I`m gonna order a custom build Dreamliner from Boeing with swimming pools & air shopping centre. Hot young females from around the country are welcome onboard. I will dump you abroad when I`m done doing you. As payment you can stay abroad, look for a better life and better men. Power abuse rules, ypa!

Photo The Deceiver

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Bodybuilder Ate World Food Reserve

Ups. -I didn't intend to, but I'm preparing for the Olympia and first things first, says the man who ate it all.

How do you justify your enormous appetite to the poor people who starves? -When I win I'll thank them for sacrificing themselves.

-But it's hard for me to think of anything else than myself, says the man who is responsible for the global food shortage. I'll probably be more up for a snack.



Flooding. Wikileaks is litterly drowning the army with facts. The internet carpet bombing has froozen warmongers in silent shocks as their revealed one by one on the information highway. WMA suggests Julian Assange, the mother of whistleblowing, gets himself a Vuvuzela, cause flute is just not gonna do it anymore.

Logo by Wikileaks

Nissan Sutra

The little tight car from Japan have totally different driving functions than normal cars. With it`s 5 seats it got room for more than 800 positions. It comes with auto driver, the so called LD gear, Love Gear where an automatic driver takes over. It`s not about the milage or how fast you can go, but quality. A little trip can take up to five sixs hours. It`S a totally different driving experience.