Made outside China

Babyexplosion. -Isn`t she cute? We got 5 more at home thanks to the multiple child policy in Russia. Here we can f@#k like rabbits. That`s why every city call their Chinese neighborhood a town and the others Little Italy or the Spanish Quarter or something... we outnumber them.

-It`s a shame I can only make one at the time. I was hoping for twins to shorten down the production time... Anyway, every year, my husband and I take our kids back to Shanghai and ridicule our friends. "You only got one?! Ha ha ha!!!!"

-We tell customs we`re working in a kindergarden to avoid problems with the authorities. They know we`re bullshitting, but what can they do? We all look alike!

-It`s not China you should be afraid over. Their never manage to take over the world before they collapse. No, it`s the Chinese living outside China you should worry about. Cause we will take over the world - the old fashion way.

Photo Wesley Oostvogels