Japan Cracks Down On Dancing While Allowing Prostitution

Freedom of movement. Japan has shaken the dust of an old law who forbids dancing. In the old empire it was seen as dangerous because it could lead to sexual behaviour. Has it ever occurred the law enforcement to ask themselves if prostitution does the same?

As hosts of the Olympics in 2020, Japan might reconsider the Al Qaida message their currently sending to the world. If not, there is hope. The Hiroshima Badass Band Gangbang Japan is not afraid to challenge the authorities. This weekend and every weekend to come for as long as it takes, they will arrange their all time hit club concept MonsterSex. 

-We're broadcasting it live on youtube. If the police wants to storm it their welcome to make asses of themselves to the international community. And for those who like to come, the dress code is condoms and shoes.

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