Capsule coffee popular among army vets

There`s nothing like the smell of Nespresso in the morning. -I haven`t fired a gun in a long time. This was exactly what I needed to get out of bed. The three time war hero misses the excitement of the battlefield, but now, thanks to NestlĂ©, he can prepare for battle in his own kitchen. - I remove the used patron first. Then I take out a new capsule from my bullet belt, reload, squeeze the trigger and BOOM - hot coffee!

I like my semi automatic Nespresso machine, but I can`t wait for the full automatic with a 40 capsule magazine. It`s gonna be a f@#king mess. Imagine going into a restaurant -Everybody get down on the floor and leave your cups on the table. This is a coffee serving! Ratatatatata.

-I think the coffee people will reach new customers who previously didn`t drink coffee. People who prefer drugs or are heavily medicated would probably try it. The product reach them in a way society doesn`t manage to. It`s like they understand each other. Like it`s just meant to be a f@#king mess.

Paintball enthusiast Johnny Faker sees real potential here. -Going out for a coffee get`s a whole other meaning. I`m starting up the coffee chain Bulletproof. It`s a self serve concept with interior entirely made out of kevlar. Originally I wanted a staff and instead of signing off the customer with "is that all?" my line would be "would you like a beating with that?", but nobody applied for the positions. Not even Mexicans. -WMA, Not Afghanistan.

Photo Marc Lagneau