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Fast training

Exercise, eat & rest - all in one. The new multi gym offer workouts for people who don`t really have time to work out. Going to the gym quickly takes up to three hours when you include changing clothes, going there, showering and going home afterwords.

 -We got these new machines where you can do it all simultaneously. We even offer advanced memberships for those who want to give birth at the same time. Repair their car or take their kids to practice. How do you do that? I have no fucking idea, but it sounds good, doesn`t it? In addition we got a pay per visit arrangement for suicidals who realize it`s really too late to do anything. There`s no point signing those for a monthly payment... Then they`ll never do it and just hang around. We like it quick.

We have a wedding workout, get it all over with in 60 minutes - priest included. We have divorce work outs. Those are the most intense ones. They usually go way over time. At first we tried to stop them when time was up, then we stopped doing that. We installed a 911 hotline in the hall instead- just in case.

You can take a Bachelor and a workout or take the driving license while training. There`s no stop to our bullshit really. We are the fiction of your imagination. If you want to believe it, we`e there for you:)

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Bodybuilder Ate World Food Reserve

Ups. -I didn't intend to, but I'm preparing for the Olympia and first things first, says the man who ate it all.

How do you justify your enormous appetite to the poor people who starves? -When I win I'll thank them for sacrificing themselves.

-But it's hard for me to think of anything else than myself, says the man who is responsible for the global food shortage. I'll probably be more up for a snack.


Sexiest #MeToo Off The Year

Al Franken, the politician representing a political party who didn't have the guts to stand up for whats right when the wind blew the other way.

Innocent or not, wether your John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton or the up until now, next in line, these days you have to be a Russian to win the election.

Sorry Al, you where too American. The times are a changin...

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Darth Vader Apologize For Not Causing More Pain

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Darth Vader has promised the Emperor that all accusers will be silenced by dawn and that he will not bring shame upon the Empire ever again.

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