NATO Soldiers Will Show Up Unannounced at Concerts in the Islamic State

NATO announce today that their soldiers will attend concerts inside the Islamic State and kill everyone.

Trucks will also be hijacked and filled with explosives before driven into densely populated areas in addition to the superior Allied Army force who will perform heavy random bombing on a scale the world has never seen before.

Army experts say the explosions can be seen from Jupiter and reassures that the heavy bombing will not affect earth's orbit around the sun, but it will not be possible to escape the sound from the massive blasts anywhere. NATO urge every citizen on earth to use ear plugs between 12.00-14.00, 0 standard time zone (UTC), to avoid hearing loss.

-We call this operation random hell and we will continue until they surrender. Which include the use of nuclear bombs if necessary. 15 years of friendly fire has got us nowhere, from here on its all in, says Nato General John Fire.

This is the last chapter of the war on terror, it ends either when they understand the only outcome is total death and surrender or just total death.

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