North Koran Book of Negotiations Biggest Bestseller In History

It's selling more than every bestseller worldwide combined.

It had 3 billion pre-orders on North Korean Amazon alone. It got bigger than the Koran and the Bible after only one hour in sale, according to the North Korean News Agency Kim's World.

-We ran out of tree's to print the book 5 days in. There isn't a single forrest left in the country, says the publisher Kimsan Kim.

-We have to cut down every tree in the world to meet the global demand, but even that isn't enough. From tomorrow the greatest book of all time is available for download. We expect the sales to skyrocket again, like our missile program. Up, up, up...

Kim Jong-un ordered an interview on North Korean TV to promote the book. Apparently he wasn't happy with the way he came across, so he assassinated the whole tv-crew and did another interview. This time with a gunman present.

It took 5 interviewers before Kim jong-un was happy. The rest of the new tv-crew was wearing diapers to hide their nervousness. It turned out the problem was his hairdo.

-I read the art of the deal by the new smuck in the White House and thought to myself, this is garbage, I can do better than this, so I sat down and wrote the North Korean book of Negotiations in like 15 minutes, from the top of my head, says Kim jong-un to Kim TV.

-Then I handed my notes to my secretary and celebrated with a missile.

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