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Al Franken Takes A Jesus

Al Franken is wrongfully accused of sexual assault by his boss, the headliner, during a USO tour entertaining the troops. Al Franken was brought in to assist the headliner and improve the quality of the show after a series of, allegedly, poor performances by the headliner.

This change did not go well down with the shows star, the MC, the Master of the Ceremony aka the headliner. She refused to cooperate with the army on this one and alienated Al Franken the whole tour. As the boss in the relationship, she could.

The headliner never spoke or integrated with him offstage for the entire 19 show tour, making it difficult for her assistant, Al Franken, to do both his job, improve the show and sexually harass her. It is uncommon for men to sexually harass their boss and it's also virtually impossible, unless the boss wants it. A decade later, she does.

Chances are, that a few innocent men will go down in #MeToo. Men that behave well, but become  victim of the vanity of powerful women. The accuser in this case is not someone who didn't have a voice. She had the voice and she had the power to silence him and as a result the show suffered.

There's too many small lies in this accusation for it to be believable. And the so called "photo evidence" who show Al Franken smiling to the camera while pretending to grope the headliner sleeping in full army combat uniform, is not groping, it's smiling to the camera while pretending to grope the headliner sleeping in full army combat uniform.

You would think that the army combat uniform who protect her body from enemy fire also could protect her from groping. Well, it does. It's not possible to grope through a bullet proof west. It's a bullet proof west! It stops bullets!

Al Franken, with his long tenure at SNL was used to making fun of big egos and difficult people, so we at the WMA headquarters, meaning the bedroom of the writer, are not shocked that he ends the tour by mocking the headliner who's acted like a total bitch the whole time.

So why Al Franken? Why now? Lets not forget he is in the running to be the Democrats candidate in the next Presidential election. This is a person Trump really fears. So much that he jumps on the tweet wagon. Trump needs Al out of the way to have a shot at re-election.

Trumps tactic is to accuse others of what he does himself. Would it be such a long shot to accuse him of having a hand in this?

Photo Stephen Maturen

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