The Oscars To Evaluate Actresses Performances

The Academy of Motion Picture and Sexual Harassment announce it will evaluate it's nominees based on skills only. -Looks no longer count. Faced with prison we don't give a damn about ratings or our own personal preferences, says the Academy.

-Last time it was the blacks. Now it's the women. What's next? asks sexual harasser Jason Ugly.
Probably someone with a smartphone.

Rumours have circulated that members of the Academy has joined white police officers on shooting raids to get their revenge after the black life matter protests.

Producer Harvey Darvey, who just lost his job and where told to leave town and never come back, not even in a bodybag, don't see that happening this time, but points out:

-If everything matter, nothing matter. If we're all equal, who will bother to see a movie if it's no better than what you see in the mirror at home? We need to push the audience down to create an urge to see them and we will find a way.

In his defence, he has no defence.

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