Trump Employee Support the President: Now He Works For Me

-Every time I saw him in the lobby it was always "Good Day Mr Trump", now, when I see him on tv it's "SHUT UP, PIG!!!", I can go on and on... I've developed quite a vocabulary to express my feeling about Mr Trump since he became President. It helped med tremendously to learn English, says Entrhykuht from Asabastan.

-Now I can tell people to F*@& off, that their full of shit, that their all liars and that it's never my fault, its always somebody else's fault. What a great country. If I behaved like that at home where I come home I would get in serious trouble.

-Every foreigner will know what I'm talking about. It's hard to curse in another language. When I get angry I can't think straight and I mix up the words. So often I return to my mother tongue to curse, but now, with this idiot in charge, I've become better at cursing in English than my mother tongue!

Photo Quinn Kampschroer