Ivanka Trump Give Hope to Billionaire Daughters

Ivanka Trumps book inspire rich young women to speak up. -Ivanka is a role model for me, she is so right, why shouldn't I open my mouth and say "Daddy, give some cash or I'll write a book". Why shouldn't I? Because I'm spoiled? says the daughter of Russian Oligark Vladimir Ivano.

Women who work is the fastest written book in the history of the White House. -We had to get it out there while Trump is the President, if he, I mean... you know, when... it will be devastating for sales. It would be the equivalent of Pablo Escobar's son writing on how to build a business, says Stephen Bannon.

-Wait a minute, Pablo Escobars son did write a book... Oh my God. But, on the other hand  think it was a wise choice. We understood the first day in office that the inevitable biography on Donald's Presidency will be a problem. Nobody is willing to lie that much. Not even a Ghostwriter.

-So, we thought, let's focus on his daughter instead. As a softener before the real shit comes. It's a motherload. This decoy puts us off for at least a year. Maybe we'll try one of his sons next year. Had they only been more fuckable.

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