North Korean Tribute Band Mysteriously Disappeared in Bangkok

-Kim Jong-un & the Pussycats where last seen leaving the hotel before the concert. They went in the band buss and since then nobody has either seen or heard of them, says the bands manager Kim Yi.

-It's very North Korean to disappear in North Korea, but not on an international promo tour like this. If there's anyone we would expect missing it would be the audience. It's a hard sell, but the band?!

A story circulating in high society claim that the band was taken hostage by a rich Chinese art collector and that he will showcase the band in a large scale private art exhibition for selected people in his dungeon. Kim Jong-un & the Pussycats is announced to be one of the living items for sale and they will be sold to the lowest bidder in a reverse auction.

-The phrase state of art has different connotations in North Korean and elsewhere. For us it mean it's the best we can do in a given field and I know you guys on the outside laugh at us, but Kim Jong-un & the Pussycats is really state of art music for us. Have you got any idea how insulting it is that some rich art eccentric takes that literary and buys it, like it's a $%&# art installation!

Photo TheDigitalWay